ICSOC 2019 organizers have negotiated preferential tariffs to get to Toulouse with Air France

In order to receive the discount code, please contact the conference local

    • The code is valid for around trip between October 21 and November 07.
    • The trip should be booked before November 07

The airport shuttle stops in front of the venue at the Compans – Caffarelli stop.

    • The journey takes between 20 – 45 minutes
    • The price of the ticket is 8 €.
    • You can check the itinerary of the shuttle by checking at this page.

There are two lines of Metro in Toulouse. You can change lines at stop Jean Jaurès.

    • The tickets can be used for metro, bus and tram lines for up to 1h30 minutes
    • The are multiple options to buy.
      • Single ticket: 1.70 €
      • 10 trips: 13.70 €
      • 1 day: 6.10 €
      • 3 days: 12.20 €
    • You can check the itinerary of the tram and metro at this page
Metro plan map

You can take the tram from the airport to get to the hotel. You need to get off at the Palais de Justice stop and take Metro B direction Borderouge.

    • The ticket bought for the tram can be used to take metro.
    • The price of the single ride ticket is 1.70 € 
    • The journey takes about 40 minutes
    • You can check the itinerary of the tram and metro at this page.
Tram from toulouse


Toulouse has many bus lines. Each line is served for about every 20 minutes. Tickets can also be used for the metro and tram.

    • You can check the itinerary of the complete Tisséo at this page.


Tisseo is the company that manages public transportation in Toulouse.

Tisseo bus

The cost of a Taxi from the Airport to the Hotel is between 20 – 30 euros. The trip takes about 30 minutes.

Taxi sign
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