Industry Track Papers​

ICSOC 2019  - The 17th International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing

Accepted Full Papers

  • A wearable Machine Learning solution for Internet traffic classification in Satellite Communications.
    Pacheco, Fannia; Exposito, Ernesto; Gineste, Mathieu
  • Improving IT Support by Enhancing Incident Management Process with Multi-modal Analysis.
    Mandal, Atri; Agarwal, Shivali; Malhotra, Nikhil; Sridhara, Giriprasad; Ray, Anupama; Venkata, Daivikswarup O
  • Leveraging AI in Service Automation Modeling: from Classical AI Through Deep Learning to Combination Models.
    Wang, Qing; Shwartz, Larisa; Grabarnik, Genady Ya.; Nidd, Michael; Hwang, Jinho
  • On Observability and Monitoring of Distributed Systems – An Industry Interview Study.
    Niedermaier, Sina; Koetter, Falko; Freymann, Andreas; Wagner, Stefan

Accepted Short Papers

  • CSI2: Cloud Server Idleness Identification by Advanced Machine Learning in Theories and Practice.
    Duan, Jun; Li, Guangcheng; Asthana, Neeraj; Zeng, Sai; Dell’Era, Ivan; Chanana, Aman; Agastya, Chitra; Pointer, William; Yan, Rong
  • Towards Automated AI Planning for Enterprise Services: Opportunities and Challenges.
    Vukovic, Maja; Gerard, Scott; Katz, Michael; Swartz, Laura; Sohrabi, Shirin; Muise, Christian; Rofrano, John; Kalia, Anup; Hwang, Jinho; Bin Dang, Ya; DJ Ma, Jie; Jiang, Zhuo Xuan


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